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AR Developments Quarterly Report

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Welcome Welcome to our first quarterly report! These reports will contain information relating to the property industry at the particular time of writing. Hopefully you will find the articles interesting! One of the article headings below relate to our Referral Program – please make sure you check this out as you could become eligible for

Rental Market

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The June quarter REIQ residential vacancy rate data highlights that the rental demand within the South East Queensland region is strong, with most rental markets posting a vacancy rate of 2.5 per cent or less. Several factors have affected SEQ’s rental markets – consistent net migration growth, potential first home buyers remaining on the sidelines

Is it the right time to invest?

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The property market is starting to see a surge of new and existing investors.  It is very important to stress the need to do due diligence before any purchase.  It is recommended that any investor, new or old, look beyond the low interest rates at present and see the bigger picture of property ownership. Where

10 Key Steps to Investing in Property

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As cited by REIQ The following are some of the key steps in the process of investing in property: Get an independent valuation by a professional valuer Obtain from the selling agent a PAMD Form 27c Disclosure to Buyer Obtain from the selling agent the REIQ/Queensland Law Society Contract of Sale with a PAMD Form

Feature Article: When is the Best Time to Buy Property?

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Gilbert Meadowcroft *   No one would argue that the Queensland property market has not faced numerous challenges over the past six years.  In early 2008, the first effects of what was quaintly known as the “credit crunch” could already be felt locally: a dramatic fall in the share prices of publicly listed property trusts:

Sunshine Coast Home Buyers Seek Townhouse Lifestyle

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Queenslanders are looking to down-size and find townhouses and units as a compelling alternative to larger homes. Sales of townhouses across Queensland have strengthened further over the last year, according to the latest Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) data report. The preliminary sales of units had increased by 2% compared to the same time

Underwood Green Provides an Affordable Lifestyle in Price Conscious Queensland Market

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Queensland investors are looking for value and are finding townhouses and units offer a secure investment at an affordable price. At Underwood a specialised 40 townhouse development has commenced off Logan Road.  Underwood Green by Brisbane based AR Developments offers investors and new home buyers three bedroom townhouses from $375,000 to $385,000. Many homes buyers

Matusik’s Tick of Approval for Aspect North

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Independent residential market analyst, Michael Matusik, has given Aspect North his tick of approval. Michael Matusik, who has over 25 years of experience in the residential property market with over 550 new residential projects nationwide, is an expert on what does and doesn’t work when it comes to new apartment and townhouse developments. In his

Property project attracts interstate investors

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Property project attracts interstate property investors One of the Sunshine Coast’s largest townhouse project is currently experiencing investor enquiry at pre-GFC levels, says Brisbane-based AR Developments. General Manager Mick McMillan says the Aspect North development is experiencing a surge in interest from Sydney and Melbourne, as investors move north in their search for solid returns. 

Rental yields show units strongest performers for real estate investors

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"Outlying suburbs are proving to be the best place to invest, showing better returns than their hip inner-city neighbours" In an article by Teela Jurgensen from Quest Newspapers, it goes on.. Rental yields show units strongest performers for real estate investors UNITS are becoming the star performers for real estate investors in the Greater Brisbane