“We decided to invest due to the high quality turnkey package”

We decided to invest due to the high quality turn key package on offer. The townhouse had everything we needed to offer it to prospective tenants including blinds and landscaping. The price was excellent for the size and quality finishes on offer, as was the location.
The purchasing process was seamless. We had no issues arise and Martin did an excellent job going out of his way to talk us through the process, answering all the queries we had. We felt no pressure and this was really important to us given this was our first investment property purchase.
Overall our experience was excellent. AR Developments left no stone unturned and kept us informed every step of the way. They took care of the taxation depreciation report, quality assurance certificate and engineering reports, which are important as an investor. Additionally we were put in touch with our real estate agent early resulting in our tenants moving in the day settlement took place.
James - Investor