How many investment properties does it take to retire comfortably?

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12th September, Courier Mail WHEN it comes to real estate investors, those with multi-property portfolios aren’t that common, but it’s just as important to know when to stop as when to start. According to CoreLogic analysis of ATO and ABS data, just over two million Australians held an interest in an investment property in 2015.

What would it take for you to score me 10 out of 10?

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Courier Mail, Haesley Cush, 15 SEP 2017 THERE is a huge push in the real estate industry, well really across all progressive industries, to monitor customer satisfaction. But why? There is a strong argument that if an agent does their job the buyer should feel like they’ve been squeezed of juice and their only feeling for

Brisbane buyers are turning to townhouses instead of apartments: survey

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In Brisbane’s floundering apartment market, research suggests buyers in the river city are turning toward a different type of attached dwelling: townhouses. A recent Place Advisory survey found more buyers in its database wanted to buy townhouses, turning away from apartments. Of those who responded, 24 per cent said they wanted to buy a townhouse,

What homebuyers want: Market certainty + 3 bedrooms

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MARKET uncertainty is spooking would-be home buyers in Brisbane, with a new survey finding most people would put off purchasing a property for at least another two years. Place Advisory’s annual Investor Sentiment Survey for 2017 has found more than half (51 per cent) of respondents believe the Brisbane property market has suffered in the

Brisbane tipped to have the strongest property market

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Michelle Hele, Courier Mail, 6 July 2017  Brisbane is tipped to be the strongest market in Australia for the next five or six years. BRISBANE is tipped to be the strongest property market in Australia in the next few years. Leading real estate industry figure John McGrath described the Brisbane market as undervalued and predicted

The Rise and Rise of Medium Density Housing

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By Cameron Kusher, Corelogic, 10 July 2017 The housing data from the 2016 Census highlights the increase in housing stock between 2011 and 2016, highlighting the changing type of housing being developed in our capital cities. Data from the latest Census (2016) shows that there has been a large uplift in the number of dwellings

What we really think about the ‘Great Australian Dream’

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In one of the largest national surveys since the Australian Census, Australians were asked about how they perceive the future surrounding the property market, a changing workforce and younger generations. The Commonwealth Bank conducted the survey, which produced over one million responses. According to the results, as the quarter acre block is becoming a threatened

94% of Investors are Happy

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  New data gathered by Mortgage Choice shows that 94.4% of Australian property investors are happy with their investment purchases. Property has proven itself to be a lucrative and safe asset because of its ability to appreciate in value. House prices rose 10.9% as an average across the combined capital cities in the 12 months

Building Starts at Algester Rise

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Building construction has now started at Algester Rise with framing now underway. This project will be speeding up over the next few months, with completion scheduled for August 2017. Algester Rise is now selling. For more information on Algester Rise contact 07 3333 2006.