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Problem with your unit?

After you have taken possession of your new home, you may find minor defects which AR Developments will be happy to attend to within the defects liability period. These defects should be clearly outlined and photos added if you believe they may help with description and sent to the builder upon identification.

- Urgent –  to be attended to within 24 hours – anything that constitutes a health and safety issue, security or leads to loss of essential services (water, heating in winter, flushing toilets) within our control.
– Minor Defect – to be attended to within 28 days – anything that causes minor inconvenience (loose fittings etc.)
– Programme – things to pick up at the end of defects period (big cracks, split wood, loose kitchen drawers, decorating blemishes etc.
Procedure to Rectify Defects

Resident to follow the steps set out below:

1. If urgent – contact AR Developments on 3908 1111 if owner occupied, or contact your Property Manager if tenanted. If non-urgent – If owner occupied fill out the below form. If tenanted contact or e-mail the Property Manager.
2. The builder may wish to conduct a joint inspection of the defect with the resident/tenant but in any event should carry out necessary repairs within 1 month of receiving notice of the defect from the resident, unless it is minor and then will be attended to within a reasonable time frame within the 6-12 month liability period.

Facilitating Rectification of defects

To ensure that the rectification works are carried out smoothly, the resident/ tenant should take note of the following:

- Be specific on the defects which the builder is asked to rectify
– Be present for the appointments with the builder or contractors
– Inform the builder beforehand if any new defects which have not been mentioned in the original notification are to be discussed
– Ensure that the affected areas are free from obstruction like furniture and appliances to facilitate the rectification work and prevent damage to your belongings

The resident/ tenant and the builder should acknowledge and agree in writing the list of defects that have been rectified.

Builder’s responsibilities for Warranties and Defect Rectification

Below is a brief overview of what AR Developments provide as part of a standard warranty:

Structural defects 6 years, 3 month from practical completion date-

- Leaking Roof
– Leaking Shower
– Anything constituting a health and safety issue
– NOTE: Complaints regarding electrical will be directed to the electrical contractor responsible for the job

Non Structural minor defects- up to 12 months from practical completion date

- Sticking doors or minor movements
– Minor cracking of plasterboard

For clarification you can refer to the QBCC website:  Defects Liability Period. These should be sent to the builder between the 6-12 months.

Other warranties not covered by AR Developments: (Refer to provided warranty info)

- Appliances – refer to provided warranty guide for warranty period and contact details for queries. (Cooktop, Oven, Rangehood, Dishwasher and Garbage Disposal)
– Tapware- refer to provided warranty guide for warranty period and contact details for queries.
– Hot Water System- refer to provided warranty guide for warranty period and contact details for queries.
– Lights and Fans – refer to provided warranty guide for warranty period and troubleshooting guide of fans. Lights will have a 12 month warranty (BULBS NOT INCLUDED)
– Air Conditioning systems- Installer warranty (12 Months) and system warranty (5yrs)
– Garage Doors- refer to provided warranty guide. Please check troubleshooting before making contact.

Register your Defect (Owner/occupiers)

Please fill in the below form if you are an owner occupier of an AR Developments townhouse with a current defect. For investors, please contact your onsite manager