Investors Back Qld as #1 Choice

A survey by MRD Partners reveals Queensland as the preferred market for investors.sept image 4

MRD Partners recently conducted the annual Australian Property Investor Survey among 9,000 + investors.

The survey found 50% of respondents opted for Queensland as the location of their next investment property. Western Australia (14%), Victoria (13%) and NSW (12%) were the next most likely choices.

The survey found that 52% were planning on buying an investment property within a year and 86% already owned at least one investment property.

According to MRD Partners, Brisbane has moved from recovery to growth since the GFC, but has not yet entered a “boom’ market”, so there is opportunity to get in now and buy before that growth comes

A summary of the survey shows:

• Queensland was by far the state of choice for investors, with more than half indicating the Sunshine State was where their next investment would be

• WA was the second choice, with 13.61% picking this state, and it was closely followed by Victoria and NSW

• The Qld market was considered by respondents to be ‘on the comeback’, along with the ACT, SA and Tas. NSW and Vic were considered to be at the top of the cycle, while WA and NT were labelled as ‘in a slump’

• The majority of property investors were positive about the market, with more than 51% saying they’d invest over the next 12 months and 50% indicated they believed negative gearing would remain in place

• ACT investors were the most positive, with 89% saying they’d invest over the next 12 months

• The results dispel the common belief that property investors are ‘rich’, with nearly 87 per cent of respondents identifying as being from a low (23.71%) or middle-income (62.89%) household
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