The 3 rules for investment property selection: Part 2 locations

Martin Josselyn, Rule Three Property Performance – Martin Josselyn is a licensed agent, qualified financial planner and mortgage broker and has over 15 years experience in direct property investment portfolio

My ‘Three Rules’ for property selection have been assisting my clients to put logical choices behind their investment decisions for the past 15 years. In part 1, we discussed the Three Rules.

  1. The 200, 000+ Rule – The area has a population of 200 000 or more
  2. The $1 / $,1000 Rule – You should receive $1 rent for every $1000 spent
  3. The ‘Four Pillars’ Rule – You are looking for self-generating economies that have a good spread of employment across at least 4 industry sectors

By applying these together with reputable property data we are able to identify the location and type of stock to focus on when looking for an investment property.

Let’s look at this further…

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