I’ve bought an investment property, now what?

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Congratulations! You’ve made the big step of purchasing an investment property and can officially call yourself a property investor. So now what? Buying an investment property often takes a lot of work and preparation, and it’s easy to see the purchase as the big end goal. But in reality, this is where it all starts.

Investor surge predicted as banks drop interest rates

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Investors who were shut out of the housing market by a crackdown on interest-only loans could soon be back in force, with half the Big Four banks dropping rates and reopening the floodgates. In the first big sign of a reprieve for investors, both the Commonwealth Bank and Westpac Banking Corporation have reversed moves made

Some Basic Landlord Laws You Should Know

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The laws protecting both tenants and landlords are considered to be neutral. That is, they are designed not to favour either party but to protect both. While there will be some variation in these laws from state to state, the overarching obligations for landlords are essentially the same. Bond All landlords can take a bond

Could Brisbane Take Over As The Best Performing Market In 5 Years?

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Brisbane is well placed to take over as the best performing capital city housing market over the next five years.  Dwelling values across Australia’s third largest capital city have risen at the annual rate of 1.2% of the past decade; that’s half the pace of inflation and dramatically lower than Sydney or Melbourne where annual

Welcome to 2018

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We are excited for a huge 2018. It's only been a few weeks back from holidays and we are already very excited for what is to come in 2018. We have many projects underway, with further settlements at Boondall Chase in the next few weeks, completion at Bunya Heights mid year, and FOUR brand new

Townhouses are now the most popular residential development sites

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  Townhouses have trumped apartments and houses to become the most popular residential development sites in Australia. By value, the portion of medium-density development sites sold in Australia in 2016-17 was 13.8 per cent — up from 6.3 per cent a year earlier. Knight Frank head of residential research Michelle Ciesielski said from a development perspective, this

Interstate migration to Qld highest in 8 years

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Source: Courier Mail, 12th October The number of interstate migrants to Queensland is the highest it’s been for eight years, supporting predictions of an emerging exodus of Sydney and Melbourne homeowners selling up and moving to the Sunshine State. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has told state parliament 15,716 people moved to the state in the year

Homeowners in 8 Brisbane areas to benefit from investment, jobs boost

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Source: Courier Mail, 13th October Brisbane City Council has identified eight ‘global precincts’ as part of a new strategy to drive jobs and growth. Homeowners in eight Brisbane precincts identified as key growth areas are set to be the big winners from a new strategy designed to attract investment and drive more jobs to the

Brisbane’s most promising suburbs

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Listen to the Podcast Podcast: Download In our search for Brisbane’s most promising suburbs to invest in, Shannon Davis has given us a good insight into what to look for, what are the important indicators to consider and his tips for sound property investing. Read the transcript Kevin:  Welcome back to the show. Just a bit of a

Brisbane now looking a better prospect than Sydney or Melbourne

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Source: Terry Ryder's Hotspotting, 19th October While the best time to buy in the two biggest cities has well and truly passed, Brisbane appeals as a city that offers good value. Its prices are roughly half those in Sydney and its rental yields are higher. A recent national survey found that Brisbane is the No.1