Three Rules for Property Investment – The Final Installment

Martin Josselyn, Rule Three Property Performance – Martin Josselyn is a licensed agent, qualified financial planner and mortgage broker and has over 15 years experience in direct property investment portfolios

As the end of the year draws near, it is time to review 2014 and look a little forward towards setting new goals for the future. Finances, investments and saving for retirement are often a big part of that forward planning for many average Australians.

Over the last few months we have looked at a number of aspects of property investment, including my Three Rules for property selection, which locations to invest in and the correct way to structure your investment. We culminated this discussion by using a live example of an investment property in Brisbane to achieve real numbers on a real investment. Click here to review parts one, two and three.

On paper, most people understand that investing in property makes sense. But the real question might be, why should I bother? The answer might lie in comparing our savings ability, that is breaking it down to how much we might be able to save each week long term for retirement, and what options we have with that amount of money.

Out of all the clients we have spoken to over the last 15 years, one clear thing is apparent, and that is that regardless of how much money you earn it is often difficult to save, because as you earn more so to, do you spend more. For most of our clients, they are not DINKS (double income no kids), they are in fact DIAMONDS (double income, awesome mortgage and no dough).

This article explores your savings options, compares the option outcomes and includes leveraged property and some information for building a property portfolio.

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