Last-minute tax-time tips for the time-poor investor

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End of financial year falls on this coming Tuesday 30 June, and there is still time to make sure you are maximising tax strategies for your investment properties. The end of the financial year is nearly here, and for any investor that is yet to get themselves sorted, there is still a little bit of

May Construction Update

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Linx Residences Kallangur Current Status: Stage 1 - Building construction now complete • Building construction is now complete • Titles have been issued • Settlements to commence Stage 2 - Building construction now underway • All slabs now down • Frames have started on all blocks • Cabinetry install now underway • Garage doors install

Half of over-55s are open to downsizing — if they can find homes that suit them

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More than half of Australians over the age of 55 are open to downsizing, according to a new report based on a survey of 2,400 households. The main barrier to moving to a smaller home is a lack of housing that matches their needs and preferences. The rapid growth in the number of older Australians adds to

The issue of the ‘missing middle’

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A relatively low level of medium density building approvals has highlighted the need for new options to be made available for certain sectors of the Australian population, according to a residential research expert. CoreLogic’s head of residential research, Eliza Owen, has outlined that Australia is being dogged by a persistent “missing middle” when it comes to

Positive Property Outlook for 2020

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Survey Finds Positive 2020 Outlook Housing markets look promising for growth in 2020, with 52% of experts expecting house prices to rise to above their pre-decline levels, according to the latest survey by comparison website Finder. Only 12% of experts expect house prices to fall. Another positive aspect that home-buyers can look forward to is

Home Sizes Shrinking with Demand for Smaller Homes

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Although Australia is still building some of the world’s largest houses, the size of free-standing houses have reached a 17-year low, with implications for developers and builders, reveals a new report. Aussies were building the largest free-standing houses in the world seven years ago according to data commissioned by CommSec from the Australian Bureau of

Understanding First Home Buyer Assistance

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Are you getting confused with all the different first home buyer assistance schemes out there? We have put together a list for you to make it easier: New! Australian First Home Loan Deposit Scheme From 1 January 2020, eligible Australian first home buyers with a 5% deposit can get home loans without lenders mortgage insurance

What Does the ‘Great Australian Dream’ Look Like Now?

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As housing affordability continues its downward trajectory, pricing many the Australians out of residential markets, the question remains: Is the traditional “great Australian dream” of home ownership still what today’s demographic strive for? While lifestyle and population has significantly changed over the last two decades, housing requirements have also shifted dramatically. In Melbourne, voted the

Discover Nudgee Square: 3-bedroom townhomes with a shared pool from $445,000

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Discover Nudgee Square: 3-bedroom family homes with a shared pool from $445,000 Imagine finding a beautiful newly built 3-bedroom home, in a supreme location, complete with a shared pool and recreation area, for just $445,000. Nudgee Square offers a unique opportunity for buyers to enter the market at an affordable price-point and purchase a home that