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What Does the ‘Great Australian Dream’ Look Like Now?

As housing affordability continues its downward trajectory, pricing many the Australians out of residential markets, the question remains: Is the traditional “great Australian dream” of home ownership still what today’s demographic strive for? While lifestyle and population has significantly changed

Discover Nudgee Square: 3-bedroom townhomes with a shared pool from $445,000

Discover Nudgee Square: 3-bedroom family homes with a shared pool from $445,000 Imagine finding a beautiful newly built 3-bedroom home, in a supreme location, complete with a shared pool and recreation area, for just $445,000. Nudgee Square offers a unique opportunity

Stagnant Wage Growth Weighs on Living Standards

Australia’s living standards have stagnated since the global financial crisis, with median household incomes remaining flat since 2019, according to a major national survey. The Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) report from the Melbourne Institute of Applied