The 3 Rules of Property Investment Selection: Part 3 Structuring

Martin Josselyn, Rule Three Property Performance – Martin Josselyn is a licensed agent, qualified financial planner and mortgage broker and has over 15 years experience in direct property investment portfolios

Now that you’ve read through our ‘3 Rules for Property Investment Selection’ – Part One: The Three Rules and Part Two: Locations hopefully they are starting to make sense. They are logical and proven steps towards sensible selection and provide the correct mechanisms for investment property ownership.

The next step is to understand the financials behind investment property ownership so that you can not only make a sensible selection but also one that is structured correctly and is financially sound so that it has minimal impact on our daily budgetary constraints.

On that basis I have prepared an example investment analysis on a property selected using the ‘Rule 3′ parameters and adding average household income levels to see how it all works.

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