Parkside Wishart is Progressing Well

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Construction at Parkside Wishart is progressing well, with the sold out Stage 1 approaching completion at the end of this year. Check out the progress pictures below. With Parkside Wishart Stage 1 approaching completion, Stage 2 wont last long and is already 70% sold out.

Investors Chasing Yields and Growth Head to Queensland

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  Source: Australian Property Investor magazine, 22 September 2016 Low interest rates, a competitive Australian dollar and improved infrastructure are contributing to a strong start to the traditional spring selling market in southeast Queensland, according to real estate group Raine & Horne. “There are many factors aiding Queensland property markets this spring,” Raine & Horne

Brisbane Favoured by Investors

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  A survey of 1,000 property investors by the Property Investment Professionals of Australia found 50% preferred Brisbane as the best place to buy real estate, while 20% opted for Melbourne, 10% for Sydney, 9% for Adelaide and 4% for Perth. The two key reasons that Brisbane was attractive to investors, in spite of concerns

Housing Market: Why Gen Y Should Buy Now

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ABC, Andrew Robertson, Tues 1 Nov 2016 Demographer Bernard Salt really put the cat amongst the pigeons with his suggestion that Gen Ys should eat less smashed avo and instead start saving for a house. It prompted my ABC colleague Michael Janda, himself in Gen Y, to fire off an excellent article on why Gen

Brisbane’s most profitable suburbs

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Source: Laura Brodnik, BMag When buying property, much like ordering pizza, people are always on the hunt for something that will deliver and exceed expectations. When looking for the top performers in any category we’re more likely to go for the ones with extra toppings. In the property market, this means houses with strong selling

Why invest in property?

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Martin Josselyn, Rule Three Property Performance   On paper, most people understand that investing in property makes sense. But the real question might be, why should I bother? The answer might lie in comparing our savings ability, that is breaking it down to how much we might be able to save each week long term

Lindum Reserve investor: “I would definitely recommend AR Developments”

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  Property investor, Michael, recently purchased at the soon-to-be-completed Lindum Reserve townhouse development.  This is what Michael had to say about his investment experience.   [symple_testimonial by="Michael, Lindum Reserve investor"] Lindum Reserve initially appealed to me because it was a brand new development and was a smaller community. It was also within the local area

“Lindum Reserve townhouses were bigger than most other properties”

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  Owner occupier Freddy, recently purchased at the soon-to-be-completed Lindum Reserve townhouse development.  This is what Freddy had to say about his purchasing experience. [symple_testimonial by="Freddy, Lindum Reserve owner occupier"] I recently purchased a three bedroom townhouse at Lindum Reserve. The three key features that attracted me to Lindum Reserve was the price, the generous

Big Data for Small Business

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Author: Troy Adams, Techpath, May 2015 What business opportunities are you missing by not leveraging big data? Big data relates to the information contained within everyday business applications. By analysing a mix of structured, semi structured and unstructured data such as excel spreadsheets, ERP and CRM systems, payroll, customer feedback, surveys, products, stock movements and

BYOD – How consumer devices are changing business technology

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In many ways, it used to be much simpler. Employees would use the desktops provided for them, at their assigned desks, during business hours. Their technology experience was contained and controlled by the IT department. While those machines were far less intuitive than today’s more user-friendly devices, they were limited in range. Before we get